By this time, people really shouldn’t be shocked by what they see in Media Molecule’s Dreams. We’ve seen a horror game, a Zelda project and more. Well, today, you can add a Dreams Ghost of Tsushima tribute to the list!

Mind, it’s not a game or anything of the sort, but a scene from the game made within another game. It’s just mind blogging to think about. And the best thing of all? It looks friggin’ fantastic! Check it out below and see for yourself. The creator (Martin Nebelong on YouTube), even teaches people how to recreate it!

Impressive, right? I mean, it looks like something Sucker Punch Productions actually made, and I don’t think there’s higher praise than that.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, head on over and check our Ghost of Tsushima review here. We also have a bunch of guides for the game posted on the Ghost of Tsushima guides page.

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