Following a few rather unpleasant Red Dead 2 updates the past few weeks, Rockstar Games has released the Red Dead Redemption 2 update 1.23 August 24 patch. Clocking in at 1.2GB on PS4 and 3.2GB on Xbox One, the patch should be mostly about fixes brought about by the recent patches and won’t deliver new content.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Update 1.23 August 24 patch notes:

Rockstar has released the official patch notes!

[August 24, 2020] – General / Miscellaneous

  • General stability and security fixes
  • Fixed a number of connection issues
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being able to buy the Horned Variant Bow with Gold despite already owning it
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to enter Single Player or Multiplayer gameplay after a crash on PC
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in abrupt changes to the time of day on PC

Chances are, this update reverses how the patch 1.21 was reverted to the 1.20 given matchmaking issues and other bugs. For those unaware, here’s what Rockstar had to say about that:

Question: Why were there issues with Red Dead Online including connection problems, low animal spawns and others?

Answer: An update to Red Dead Online intended to provide security improvements and address connection errors unintentionally introduced a range of issues including connection problems, low animal spawn counts, difficulty pitching Camps, entering Moonshine shacks as well as others on PS4 and Xbox One. We have reverted back to the previous version on those platforms, initially launched on July 28. This should address these recent issues and restore stability – meanwhile we will continue to work to eliminate any remaining issues through future updates.

We’re expecting other fixes in this patch and once we know more, we’ll update the post. If you find any changes made with this game update, let us know down below in the comments or send us an email.

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