Sony Bend Studios has released a new patch for Days Gone, and it’s a big one for digital gamers. Called Days Gone update 1.61, this features a bunch of gameplay fixes and bug fixes. Now, for those who own the game digitally, expect this to be a big download as it will compile all the previous downloads.

Days Gone update 1.61 patch notes:

General Fixes

  • The mission “Better to Light One Candle” bounty should able be obtained properly

  • General optimization towards certain missions

  • Scoring will properly apply when utilizing oxygen tanks in the “Reloaded” Challenge

  • The mission “The Anarchist Spy” will properly reset traps if you fail the mission

  • The mission “Out of Nowhere” helicopter’s light are been fixed

  • General optimization prior to playing before the game fully downloads

  • General improvements to optimization and stability

Complied Download File for all our Players

With the 1.61 Patch Update, players will see a larger patch size. For Digital players, you will have the option redownload the full Days Gone client which free up some hard-drive space at a future date (this option is available now!). This update will bring optimization improvements to all our players. This will be a ONE-time download.

For those confused by the digital download size, Bend Studios mentions that it will reduce the overall game file size, and condenses all the previously releasd patches into this one.

Source: Reddit

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