If you’re a fan of MP1st and our multiplayer-focused niche reporting, but want that for single-player games, then this is what you’re getting here on SP1st!

We’ve been cooking SP1st since last year, and wanted to launch it right, and that time is now. This is the single-player equivalent of MP1st as one might expect. Same as with MP1st, don’t expect press releases there, but rather, we’ll be focusing on more granular news that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes detailed patch notes of games, walkthroughs, reviews and more. Speaking of reviews, these will be cross-posted on both sites (if applicable), along with a bunch of other stuff that applies to both fan bases.

We hope you’ll like the site’s design, and support it as much as you have MP1st over the years. We have loads of stuff planned for it, and the launch is but just the start. If there’s multi-platform news that affects both single-player and multiplayer gaming, you’ll see it on both sites, so don’t worry about missing out. We’re aiming for both sites to essentially be one big entity, though one with their own specialization.

If you have comments, suggestions, complaints and whatnot, don’t hesitate to contact me via email directly. Otherwise, please give SP1st a like on Facebook, and follow the site on Twitter.

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Alex Co

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