Rumors have been running high for sometime now that AT&T was looking to sell some of its assets, one of them being the highly popular gaming division, WB Games. And while plans to sell may still be on the table, it would appear that at this time, WB Games will remain with AT&T.

In a WarnerMedia memo sent out to all Warner Bro. employees, plans for how the company was moving forward were outlined by CEO Jason Kilar. In those plans, it detailed how Warner Bros. Interactive would remain as part of the studios and groups of WarnerMedia along with all brands focused on gaming and interactive experiences.

Back in June, sources told CNBC that AT&T  was looking to sell Warner Bros. Interactive for a whopping $4 billion dollars. Along with other sources, it was claimed that publisher giants such as 2K, EA, Activision, and even Microsoft were interested in the studio buyout. Whether or not that included the plethora of IPs was yet to be known, but at least for the time being WB Games will remain with AT&T under normal operations.

If this does change in the future, we’ll be sure to let you all know. Are you glad that WB Games won’t be going with any of the listed publishers? Or would you have prefer new management?