With 2018’s God of War, not only did Sony Santa Monica introduce a deeper, more nuanced Kratos than what we’ve seen in previous installments of the franchise, but we also got to see the Spartan look and act a whole lot older (read: more subdued), and also how he is as a father.

If you ever wondered what a young Kratos would look like in God of War, then wonder no more! YouTuber Speclizer who also posted the video of God of War in first-person mode, has uploaded a mod of a young Kratos appearing in God of War 2018’s cutscenes and yeah, it’s a bit jarring to see!

What will we see next? Who knows, but I’m definitely interested to find out! We’ll most likely have to amuse ourselves with these kinds of God of War videos as it’ll be quite some time until we see God of War Ragnarok surface its head — though we’d love to be proven wrong about this, of course.

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