If you enjoy first-person shooters and horror games inspired by the short-lived “P.T” demo and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, then Globliss has something coming up this fall in “Under” — A game that’s sure to wet anyone’s desire for psychological horror. Set during the Great War period and taking place on an abandoned and sinking ocean liner, players take control of traumatized WW1 veteran Alexander Dockter as he navigates through the ship to escape its fate while encountering some entities along the way.

IGN has released an exclusive new trailer for the game, while the official synopsis for the game comes from Globliss.

The year is 1917. The great war has destroyed much of Europe and has claimed almost the entirety of a generation. Find yourself in the mind of Alexander Dockter, a traumatized veteran left to his own devices after being abandoned on a colossal ocean liner that was supposed to be his ticket home. Use your wits in order to escape deck after deck in this psychological adventure where every second counts. Make sure you are aware of your environments, for a haunted mind will bring back the most gruesome surprises.

Much like its inspirations, Under will involve puzzle-solving, combat, and avoiding enemies as you guide Alexander out of his precarious situation. The game will be released on PC on October 25th, with a Nintendo Switch version to follow later on.

Source: IGN