Those who enjoyed Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider series and the adventures of Lara Croft can take a trip back to the past and play a game that was unfinished, as PC Gamer has reported that a couple of fans have found assets for “Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary” — which is partially playable thanks to a patch released by modders.

Check out a gameplay video showcasing the unearthed cancelled game below:

Initially made as Tomb Raider title, the cancelled game’s assets were eventually reskinned into an Indiana Jones game that never saw the light of day either. Thankfully thanks to Tomb of Ash.com, video game fans and historians can get a taste of the unreleased alpha build of this cancelled Tomb Raider title — who have reached out to Crystal Dynamics themselves to publish the assets but never got a response:

As you know, we sought permission from Crystal Dynamics to host and publish the assets from the cancelled 10th Anniversary remake. Unfortunately we never got any response. We tried multiple times to clarify their position since Summer.

As a result the files are now published on archive.org, a museum of all things digital – from websites to e-books. Included is also a playable patch from Xproger that will allow you to play the game.

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