In Ghost of Tsushima, protagonist Jin Sakai gets to slice and dice enemies in all kinds of ways. In some instances though, enemies stabbed and sliced don’t stay dead and crawl away from Jin to try and get away (or something). Well, as it turns out, there’s a Ghost of Tsushima glitch that makes the headless corpses crawl!

It seems to happen to only Mongol Captains though, and it won’t always trigger and in all honesty, seems like a bug more than anything. That said, we hope Sucker Punch Productions doesn’t fix it since we need more headless Mongols crawling in the game.

[Video] [Ghost of Tsushima] That’s one resilient Mongol Captain . . . from PS4

Here’s another one out in the field and easier to see:

When you get decapitated but remember you didn’t delete your Mongolian porn history in one of the tents that Jin’s gonna loot from ghostoftsushima

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