While we’ve posted a lot of guides for Sucker Punch’s excellent Ghost of Tsushima, some might be looking for another way to find locations and items that’s a little bit hard to find. Thankfuly, a Ghost of Tsushima interactive map is out, and it marks everything in the game!

Ghost of Tsushima interactive map – Check it out here!

The map itself has features backed in that lets you mark locationds found, tracking collectibles, adding custom locations and more. You can search for the Farmsteads, Records, Singing Crickets and more! You can also zoom in and out as well. It’s definitely a huge help if you want to Platinum the samurai action game.

Outside of locations though, there’s a lot more to take in. If you need help finding the Sly Cooper Trophy, here’s a guide for it. We also posted one on the many Easter eggs found within the game, and even one that helps you unlock the powerful Gosaku armor.

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