Have you ever wanted to take on the Mongols in the buff? Is Jin so badass that he doesn’t need any armor to fend off blades and arrows? If so, you’ll (maybe) be glad to know that there’s now a Ghost of Tsushima nude mod save edit available. 

Using a save editor software called “Save Wizard” for the PS4, a user (who wishes to remain anonymous) has sent us the first images of this “mod,” along with a video proving it’s legitimacy to us. In truth, this Ghost of Tsushima nude mod is more so a bug that Sucker Punch themselves even anticipated. Meaning it may be entirely possible to reproduce it in-game without actually editing the save file. So how was this achieved? According to the modder, the save data contains all the game’s items are can be unlocked by simply changing all the false flags to true. This grants the user literally everything in the game, including completions of all the quests. As a side effect, however, it would seem that an additional piece of armor was also added to the player’s inventory, granting him what is essentially a nude version of Jin. This is not to be confused with the fundoshi armor that is unlocked via visiting all hot springs.

I suppose fair warning, this is most likely NSFW (not suitable for work,) although Sucker Punk never actually did give Jin any kind of genitalia. We’ll censor the front side so no one is complaining, but if you are curious Sucdker Punch did not model anything in that region and has given Jin’s junk the usual ken doll look. 

In reality, this is the game failing to load the very first armor set in the game, known as the Invasion set. This set is only seen in the intro of the game, which then disappears completely upon completing it. We mentioned that Sucker Punch may have anticipated this as they have even left a note for players who happen to stumble upon it.

It reads: 

“This armor should only show up during the invasion sequence. It’s a bug if you’re seeing it otherwise”

As for why Jin is appearing without the armor? Well, we aren’t really sure nor is the modder, because they were able to properly mod the invasion armor into the save all while maintaining a duplicate set that is the nude version, meaning there are two variations of this armor.


Pieces of this armor can be obtained in the game, though the actual equitable body part features the headpiece as a single equipable, meaning it could be clipped into other headwear. 

Really interesting stuff, and no doubt that modders will continue to explore and experiment with the save data for Ghost of Tsushima. In related news, for those interested, we have prepared a number of Ghost of Tsushima guides, which you can find here:  Ghost of Tsushima Guides