It’s nearly been a year since Naughty Dog released their long awaited and equally controversial survival horror sequel in “The Last of Us Part 2”, and fans still have unforgiving and mixed opinions about the story — especially with the new playable character Abby Anderson as portrayed by actress Laura Bailey.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Bailey spoke about how she expected some backlash from fans following the revelation that the character she plays is responsible for killing the first game’s protagonist Joel Miller — Setting off the events of the sequel where Ellie embarks on a journey of revenge to find those responsible for murdering her adopted father. What the actress didn’t expect however was just how severe that backlash was.

“I knew that there would be backlash for sure,” said Bailey. “I knew that I was going to get some hate. I didn’t anticipate the extent. It was the perfect storm. I think the leaks had a lot to do with it. If your first experience with that had been in the game, and then you kept moving forward, you would have had the growth and understanding. But the leaks came out a couple months in advance; you had months of people forming barriers and forming walls before they were able to understand Abby’s side of it, and therefore a lot of people never were able to.”

Regardless of how fans felt about the character and the story, Bailey’s performance as Abby was unquestionably one of the highlights of the game — Which is why the actress won “Best Performance” for here role in “The Game Awards”.

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The Last of Us Part 2 is available exclusively on the PS4.