The Last of Us Day 2020 celebration happens this September 26, with Naughty Dog lining up a list of activities, collectibles, and limited-edition stuff for fans to win and get based on the critically acclaimed action-adventure and survival horror franchise.

Naughty Dog has announced the following activities in their official blog to tease the celebration:

  • TLOUS2 original soundtracks 2XLP vinyl + limited edition posters
  • The Last of us board game
  • Abby cosplay guide
  • New premium statues and figures
  • Free new TLOUS2 theme for PS4
  • Savings on series merchandise
  • The Last of Us Part II photo mode contest

Formally known as Outbreak Day, The Last of Us Day is an annual commemoration of the series and its fans that is held on the same day the fictional cordyceps virus was unleashed on the world on September 26, 2013. It also happens to be the birthday of main character Joel Miller, who along with Ellie are our protagonists and the emotional core of their post-apocalyptic cross country journey in the first game.

Check out our previous article on why The Last of Us Day was renamed, and be sure to check Naughty Dog’s official website for the event at TheLastOfUs.Com/TLOUDay for updates when it goes live on 9:00 AM PT.