SP1st is here with a full The Last of Us 2 safe codes guide to finding opening and finding all the collectible safes and their codes in the game! These safes contain bullets, vitamins and other loot that players will need in Naughty Dog’s action game.

Safes are collectibles seen throughout the entire playthrough of The Last of Us Part 2. Each one has a code tied to them, which the clue is typically nearby. they aren’t required to unlock the safes, however, they are required as collectibles if you are wanting to get all the journal and artifact entries. Regardless, here’s a complete guide with their locations and codes in case you have trouble figuring out some of them. 


Safes codes and locations as Ellie

Chapter – Jackson Total 1

Patrol – 1 Safe  – Safe Code: 072013

At some point, Ellie and Dina will come to a location that requires them to wear their masks. The safe is inside this building, once Dina opens the door immediately go right and through the small crack in the wall. In front of you will be an employee of the month wall, if you look to the right you will see a door. The Safe is inside this room, passcode note on the desk to the right.

Chapter – Seattle Day 1 – Total 4

Downtown – 3 Safes  

You can get these safes in any order as this portion of the game is open. If you are getting the safe as you progress through the campaign the first time, however, I recommend getting Safe #3 last as it will be easier to progress the story. Otherwise, with chapter select, you are more than welcome to go to any of these safes in any order you wish. 

Bank – Safe #1 – Code:602306

Inside the Bank, you can’t miss it, it’s a full-size vault.

West Gate 2 – Safe #2 – Code: 0451 Reward: Flow Trading Card

On Madison Street, just a little past 5th Ave there’s an open gate you can walk right through.

Courtroom – Safe #3 – Code: 860722

Inside the courtroom. Make your way inside and progress as normal, when you get to the part where you have to propel down the elevator, stay in that room and you will see another with a locked door. You can break the windows to the room to enter and the safe is underneath the table you stand on when you enter. The passcode is written on the whiteboard.

Capital Hill – 1 Safe – Code: 550133 Reward – Long Gun Holster

 This safe can be found right after you are introduced to the tripwire bombs. Careful walk around the tripwires bombs (or blow them up), just a little up the road you will see a store called “Wellwishes Store & Donation Center,” enter it. There is a do not enter room towards the back, the left door inside that room leads to the safe.  The passcode note is on the bulletin board in the room before the safe room.

 Chapter – Seattle Day 2 – Total 3 Safes

Hillcrest – 1 Safe – Safe Code: 308265 Reward: Short Gun Holster

Right after the first trash container puzzle. You will jump inside a store with a workbench in front of you. If you exit the store and immediately make your way around it by going left, you will see a fence you can jump. On the otherwise of the fence is an Auto Repair Shop with another trash container in front. Move it and then proceed inside, but watch out as it is loaded with infected. Safe is right next to the entrance.

The Seraphites – 2 Safes – 

Safe Code 1: 100883 

 In the apartment complex to the left of the I-5 split to the Hospital. Go inside, and then the top floor. You will see a window that you can break and hop out on. If you look before breaking the window there is a locked door, the safe is inside this room. Break the window, hope out, and then jump to the opening that will lead you inside that room.

Second Code 2: 385523

Continue with the story as normal from the last safe. Eventually, you will come face to face with a brute human enemy. Defeat him, and the proceed moving forward. You’ll find yourself on the roof of a building descending down a ladder. If you look straight ahead you will notice a building with a sign for Weston pharmacy. Go inside of it, to the left of the cash register there is a hole in the wall with the safe inside.

Chapter – Seattle Day 3 – Total 1 Safes

The Flooded City – 1 Safe – Code: 701264

Ellie will come into possession of a boat. Eventually, she will need to open up a gate via pull chain, however, there is a flight of stairs to the left of this gate the player can explore. Take it, once on top, on the left you will see a dead corpse with a note. This is the safe code, if you progress to the right there is a sealed off crawl space players can go in and drop down into the safe location.

Safes codes and location as Abby 

Chapter – Seattle Day 1 – Total 3 Safes

On Foot – 1 Safe – Code: 173807  Reward: Hunting Pistol

Right after the puzzle where you need to find a way out of the warehouse because the crank broke. You’ll come across a building labeled “MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center”. The safe is sitting inside here with the entrance being on the left side through a crack in the wall. The code on a lotto ticket inside the small management building just outside the MS building. It’s the lotto numbers on the poster board. 

Hostile Territory – 1 Safe – Code: 689689 – Reward Close Quarters Skill Tree

Sitting inside Jasmine Bakery on the strip mall

The Coast – 1 Safe – Code: 907701 – Reward Upgrade Branch: Firearms

Once you get on the main boat, make your way to the top floor (Sun deck). If you turn around you’ll see the steering room with a yellow safe. You can find the letter with the code right after you get the crossbow, it’s at the end of that hallway where you killed the infected. 

Chapter – Seattle Day 2 – Total Safes 2

The Shortcut – 1 Safe – Code: 302304 Reward: Firearm Upgrade Branch

Right after hopping off the bridge into the apartment (part os story progression), there is a safe in the first room on the right. Clue on the desk in front of the room. Its the Apartment number plus the apartment number to the left of the one you are inside of.

The Descent – 1 Safe – Code: 121879 Reward: Supplies

The safe is located in the gym supply room, right across from the Gym main entrance. The hint is the Wifi Password, which is written behind the gym desk. The note for the password located in the Orchards Juice Bar

There you have it! You now have all the safes in the game and should have received the trophy associated with them. Be sure to check out the rest of our guides here: The Last of Us Part 2 Guides