Curious when we can expect The Last of Us: Part II (stylicized as The Last of Us 2) reviews to drop? Mark June 12, 12:01 a.m. PT on your calendars, as that’s when The Last of Us 2 review embargo date and time is! This was announced by former IGN host Greg Miller on Twitter.

As for the game’s file size, allocate around 80GB of space on your PS4, folks! This was shared by a poster on Reddit:

[The Last of Us Part II] [Image] TLOU Part II Takes 78GB of HDD Space from PS4

Note that while the download is 80GB, chances are you’ll need 100GB+ in order to actually play it since it needs to install and whatnot.

We’re still waiting for our The Last of Us 2 review code, which should be coming before launch. Stay tuned to our review to see what we make of it.

Don’t forget, there’s a The Last of Us 2 State of Play happening later which will show us new gameplay and more.

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