Given how big The Last of Us was, it’s no surprise that its sequel will be even bigger — at least in terms of file size. Over on the official PlayStation website, it mentions that The Last of us 2 Part II download size is at 100GB, and yes, it’ll ship in two discs.

At the bottom-most part of the page, this can be seen:

As you can plainly see, it mentions “2 discs, 100GB minimum.” Note that this doesn’t mean the actual file size will be that big as titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake also requires a minimum of 100GB though the actual size is at 88GB.

In other The Last of Us 2 Part II news, the game’s release date has now been set (alongside Ghost of Tsushima) for this summer on July 19!  Of course, possibly the even bigger news is that spoilers for the game have surfaced online, so be very careful in reading anything related to The Last of Us 2 as some idiots are intentionally ruining the game for peope.

Warning in place: We will automatically delete and ban people who post spoilers in the comments, so you’ve been warned. Don’t be that kind of person that relishes at the expense of others, alright?

Surprised at The Last of Us 2 Part II download size or not at all? Let’s hope Naughty Dog puts it to good use.

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