The Last of Us 2 grounded and permadeath modes have seemingly been revealed from a recent trophy update for the game.

Spotted by the popular trophy site, PowerPyx, Naughty Dog recently updated The Last of Us 2’s trophies to include support for two yet to be released modes.

For those unaware of what grounded mode is, it’s a new difficulty mode that is far harder than the ones currently in the game. In the first The Last of Us, grounded mode stripped players of listen mode, limited their supplies, and upped enemies damage output. It served as a mode for players looking to further challenge themselves, although outside of trophies it didn’t actually supply much else.

As for permadeath, that is a new one for the series. No details as to how that particular mode will function, though from the name its quite clear that this will be a one life only mode. We expect only the hard one players to really finish this one.

If you aren’t a fan of either of the two modes being added, or at least the trophies, you can rest assured knowing that they will not be required to platinum the title. As for when we can expect them to be released? Well nothing official has bee. said from Naughty Dog, though seeing that the trophies are now live we will most likely see it sometimes this week.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new details, so stay tuned! The Last of Us 2 is now available, exclusively for the PS4. You can read our review here if you are interested in our opinion: The Last of Us 2 Review.

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