A full The Last of Us 2 coins guide to finding all the collectible coins in the game is live now! Here’s your easy way to help Platinum the game.

Total Coins: 32

Coins are collectible tied to the character Abby. For Ellie, she collects trading cards, which we will have a guide up later. Both characters also have safes that can be unlocked during their playthroughs, you can read up on our safe guide here:

The Park: 1 Coin Total

Location: You cannot miss this one as it is apart of the natural story progression. It is picked up before starting a puzzle in this chapter.

Seattle Day 1: 16 Coins Total

Section: The Stadium – 4 Coins

Location: After exiting Abby’s room you will come to the inside of the stadium. If you take your first left, the coin will be lying on the ground in front of you before the pile of chopped wood.

Location: Continue down the stairs until you reach the last level before the ground level. You will see dog kennels at the bottom of the stairs with manny and Mel waiting. Looking from the top of the stairs here you should see a guy doing laundry on the left and if you look to the right (should be right of the stairs) you will see an empty laundry stall. the coin is sitting on the bench below the stall.

Location: After you have gotten the dog, continue to follow Manny and Mel. As you are heading back inside, you will see a lady reading a book, a little past her is a WLF memorial painted on the wall with all the fallen WLF members written on it. The coin is lying on the ground directly in front of the Wolf painting.

Location: You will enter the armory shortly after the last coin. Continue to walk past Manny into the next room, which is a loading dock. Once you enter it, turn left and you will see a gray cabinet in the corner. The coin is inside this cabinet.

Section: On Foot – 4 Coins

Location: At the very start head to the right before following Manny, there is a small table with the coin sitting on it.

Location: After opening the door with manny into the garden center there is a row of check out registers in front of you. The coin will be in the last one right next to the cash register itself.

Location: You will eventually come to a section where you need to place a ladder down in order to cross to a boat that is suspended in the air. rather than placing the ladder down where it wants you to, place the ladder on the wall of the room you just came out of. This is a hidden section you can access and on the roof of this room, there is a table with the coin on it.

Location: After reaching the roof of the building you just got the last coin from, make your way to the ground floor where manny is. There is a trailer building in the middle that you can enter via breaking one of the windows. the coin is sitting on a desk inside this trailer building.

Section: The Forward Base – 3 Coins

Location: Right at the start, looking forward you should see a group of WLF soldiers chatting right next to a vehicle. If you look past them there is a metal fence behind them, go up the stairs and head to the spot on the fence directly behind those people. the coin will be sitting on the ground here, behind the guy leaning against the fence.

Location: After signing in at the checkpoint if you turn left you will see some green crates. One the otherwise of those green crates are a bunch of people talking, you want to walk around them where the green potty potties are, the coin is sitting on top of one of the green crates.

Location: After leaving the tent that Nora was in you and Manny will need to go see Isaac. A guard will let you in the building, you cannot miss this. Once you get inside you will be in a room with some food tables on the left. The coin sitting on the table opposite where the people are sitting.

Section: Hostile Territory – 1 Coin

Location: A little bit after departing from Manny, you will climb out of a room to progress into the next area. Here you will see a gate entrance that is blocked off, requiring you to climb up and RV into a building to continue with the story. Once you climb on the RV and into the room, there is a dresser inside this room that you can open up containing the coin inside.

Section: The Coast – 4 Coins

Location: Passed all the cargo containers when you make your way up the collapsed bridge if you look out towards the cargo area the coin will be on the ground on the left side of the bridge. If you attempted to make the jump to the otherwise of the bridge, you’ve gone too far.

Location: After picking up the crossbow inside the boat, you will head upstairs and take the first right down a green hallway. In the end, take another right and the coin is waiting for you at the end of this corridor, right next to a teddy bear.

Location: Continue through the boat until you come to the steering room. You will know you are here because there will be a ladder that’ll take you to the upper deck. Climb the ladder, then turn around and jump over the gap you just climbed out of. The coin is sitting on the otherwise of the observation tower. If you left the boat you’ve gone too far.

Location: From the last coin continue on until you are off the bridge. You will eventually come to an aquarium with a water fountain in front of it that has a dolphin in the middle. The coin is laying inside the pool of water.

Seattle Day 2: 9 Coins Total

Section: The Shortcut – 2 Coins

Location: Follow Lev until you come to the jumping section with the river flowing rapidly. Before proceeding to this section, if you look to the right where the water is falling you will see a barbershop. Inside at the cash register, you will find the coin.

Location:  Continue with the story from where you picked up the last coin. You will come to a room filled with clickers, clear it, and proceed through a couple more jumping sections. You will soon find yourself making your way inside a glasses store called Westport Optix. In front, there is a blue door that you can squeeze through to continue story progress, however, if you look to the right (should see a picture of an eye,) there is a window you can go through. The coin is sitting on top of the platform outside the window.

Section: The Descent – 5 Coins – I Hate This Area

Location: Right after the cutscene if you turn around you will see a swimming pool. Jump in, the coin is at the bottom.

Location: This one is found while descending the complex through the run-down building. It’s a complete nightmare down here, I recommend you watch the video above for a better understanding. Descend down, there will be some pretty big jumps that you will make, after each big jump look behind you. You should see a huge gap. Eventually, you will find one after a big jump that will have a room you can leap across to, right near the entrance of this room to the right is the count sitting on a wall stand.

Location: You will eventually come to an elevator shaft, you’ll know you are in the right place. Drop down, open the elevator doors, and in front, you will see a vending machine. The coin should be in the change dispenser, but if it isn’t, break the glass and it should fall in there.

Location: Right after the last coin you will go through a door and then slide down a piece of the building leading to the common area of this building complex. Walk forward, passed the couches and you will see the bar area there. It is underneath the bar table, facing the direction you just came from.

Location: After talking to the WLF soldier about the medical supplies if you look to your right you will see an ambulance, and then to the right of that is a building you can enter through the window. Enter it, and at the very end of the hallway, you will find the coin on the floor.

Section: Ground Zero – 2 Coins

Location: Follow Nora until you reach the main lobby of the WLF base. Before crossing the skyway, if you look to the left side you should see a Coffe shop right there. The coin is sitting right next to the cash register.

Location: Right after boss fights, Abby will open up the garage shutter door to the parking garage. As soon as you get control back, if you walk forward a little bit and look to the left you will see an employee booth there. Break the window and coin is sitting on top of the desk that the TV is sitting on.

Seattle Day 3: 6 Coins Total

Section: The Marina – 2 Coins

Location: Immediately after the cutscene, if you turn around and go up the stairs, the coin will be sitting on the ground to the left of the elevator, closest to Yara

Location: Right after you jump off the broken elevator you will come to a destroyed train station. If you look to the right of the access ramp you will notice you can walk behind it and around. there is a pair of tires sitting in the corner here, if you look on the ground the coin will be right there.

Section: The Island – 3 Coins

Location: Follow Yara, and eventually, you will come to a ladder the both of you will climb. Once on top, look to the left to see a cargo truck you can enter. The coin is sitting on the floor inside of it.

Location: Continue to follow Yara until you jump over a concrete barricade. She will make a comment about her people signaling their warning horns, you will then see two cars and then a drop-off point with a waterfall to the right. The coin is located to the left of the car before the drop-off point. If you drop down you will not be able to get back up.

Location: This is the area right after the cutscene with the Sepherarite sending some of their guys out to go fight. Take out all the enemies, the coin is on the second floor of one of the structures. It is the one that is to the left of the main gate that you can’t go through (has two watchtowers,) you can either take a ladder to reach it or climb the pile of wood. It’s sitting on top of a wooden crate.

Section: The Escape – 1 Coin

Location: Follow Lev and Yara as normal until you come to a truck that you need to crawl under, it has a brewer logo and is required to go under so you can’t miss it. Before you proceed, if you look towards the left side of the truck you should see a shopping cart. The coin is right behind it.

There you have it! You should now have all the coins in the game and will have earned the trophy tied to it! Need help with the rest of the collectibles? Be sure to click here for more guides: The Last of Us Part 2 Guides