There are many lovable characters in The Last of Us universe, and while fans are no stranger to them, it’s the addition of one of the game’s NPCs (non-playable characters) that many most likely paid no major attention to, despite Naughty Dog ‘s efforts to try and get it. Warning, this The Last of Us 2 cameo may be a potential spoiler despite its inclusion being extremely early in the game.

If you are worried about any major plot points being spoiled here, don’t be. While the character who is making the cameo does play a major role, it’s not how you think or at least from a narrative perspective with the other characters. Again, this is extremely early on in the game, in fact, it’s within the first few minutes of playing as Ellie. Upon taking control of Ellie, and walking through town with Jessie you’ll be interrupted by a dog that barks and approaches you. You have the option of petting the dog, or not, doesn’t matter, but if you look where the dog was coming from you’ll notice an old man sitting on a chair playing the banjo.

For those who are major fans of the music found in both The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, then no doubt this face should look familiar as it belongs to the game’s music composer, Gustavo Santaolalla. Pretty neat, right? I’ll be honest, my first time playing through this section I had no clue it was him. This may have been due to how busy the town was in this section, which is a nice way to hide something in plain sight.  It was not until I decided to check the model viewer that was introduced before the game launched that I came to realize this was him. It only lists his name as Gustavo, but no doubt it’s him, from the beard, even almost the near-identical banjo he used to play at E3 2018.

Picture of Gustavo Santaolalla The Last of Us 2 Cameo. Image edited to block any spoiler related characters.

Talk about a pretty awesome cameo. You may not know who it is at first, but Naughty Dog sure as heck makes sure you do at least notice him.

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