Tearaway Unfolded update 1.04 is now out, although the only known notes are related to bug fixes. Read ib for more details.

Tearaway Unfolded Update 1.04 Patch Notes:

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Outside of this nothing else has been detailed, nor has anyone from the gaming community notice anything different. It’s currently speculated that Sony is currently having their first party developers (and some exclusive third party) go back to add some sort of PS5 support. Tearaway Unfolded is just one of the many titles this month to recieve an update with the notes being for bug fixes.

In the case with The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us Left Behind, the studio listed fixes for bugs, however users were quick to point out that the title saw significant reductions to load screens, cutting it back by nearly 40 seconds to a minute in some cases. As of right now, these are the only titles that players have noticed general improvements.

It may be some time before someone notices any changes with Tearaway Unfolded, but if we spot anything we will be sure to keep you all posted.