True to their word given the previous announcement last week,  Season 5 of Street Fighter V (SFV) is upon us, as Capcom has officially begun rolling out the Street Fighter V update 3.05 February 22 patch during it’s server down time. This is also known as the big SFV Season 5 update.

This patch clocks in at roughly 27GB on the PS4 version, so make sure to clear some space, people.

Street Fighter V Update 3.05 February 22 Patch Notes (SFV Season 5):

Capcom has yet to release the full changelog of changes accompanied with this update, though down below you’ll find a list of confirmed changes from the previous livestream.

  • New character (Dan) and stage added (from PS4 revision history)
  • Rose returns with brand new moves, including being able to fire her Soul Spark mid-air and an anti-air Soul attack that doesn’t see her leave the ground anymore. Her V-Skills and V-Triggers were also showcased, with V-Trigger II called Soul Satellite that is a callback to her second Ultra Move from Street Fighter 4.
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 stage Marina of Fortune
  • V-Shift – A defensive system that consumes V-Gauge but helps players get out of tight spots and pressure from opponents.
  • Support for new premium passes
  •  New free Stage: The Grid Alternative
  • Character Eleven added (acts as random select character)

Demo of V-Shift:

Once Capcom releases the official patch notes, know the official patch notes, we’ll update the post. At this time severs are undergoing maintenance, which will end at 12 am PST.

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