During today’s State of Play, Sony announced a Star Wars Vader Immortal PSVR release date is this August 25! If you ever wanted to be a Jedi, this could be the closest thing you’ll get aside from starring in a Star Wars movie.

Check out gameplay footage of it on PSVR below.

Star Wars Vader Immortal has been out on the Oculus Rift for quite some time, and soon, PlayStation gamers will be able to feel the force in VR.

Update: The official PlayStation Blog has posted about it which you can read about below.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is a three-part experience that takes place on Mustafar, the lava-filled planet that is home to Darth Vader’s fortress. During your time on Mustafar, you traverse Vader’s fortress, uncover ancient secrets beneath the planet’s surface, and learn to master the Force.

The PlayStation VR version is being developed by ILMxLAB along with Black Shamrock. Under normal circumstances, development can be challenging and difficult. Adding in a pandemic and shelter in place adds in another layer to the challenge. However, the teams have been working tirelessly to create an experience that won’t disappoint.

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