It’s almost time to say hello to a new hero in New York City, as Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Marvel prepare for the release of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for both the PS5 and PS4 with a brand new launch trailer that paves the way for a new webslinger’s adventure.

Here’s the new video teaser courtesy of PlayStation, summarizing the baptism of fire Miles goes through after learning the ropes from Peter Parker.

Set one year after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales has fully transformed into his own version of the wallcrawling superhero he has always looked up to and idolized. With abilities similar to his mentor as well as unique powers of his own, he takes the power and responsibility message seriously as the brand new Spider-Man defending New York City. All that he lacks now is the experience, and Miles will be getting plenty of that as he has to defend the city against a new thread brought upon by a gang war between the Roxxon Energy Corporation and a criminal organization called Underground led by The Tinkerer.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will swing to both PS5 and PS4 consoles on November 12.