Well here’s an odd, yet very cool glitch for Spider-Man Miles Morales as players have discovered a way to play as the Peter Parker version of Marvel’s Spider-Man, all in his advance suit glory. Also, he has no chin!

As detailed by YouTuber Radicalord, down below you’ll find the exact steps on how to activate this glitch so that you can play as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in the Advance Suit.

Step 1: Open the suit menu in the game, and hover over a suit you are not wearing. DO NOT SELECT IT. Wait for it to load.

Step 2: Once the suit has been loaded, press X and O at the time time. This should select the suit and bring you back to the previous menu.

Step 3: If done properly, you should now be able to hit X and on the left side where the suit is displayed the advance suit should load in.

Step 4: If everything was done correctly, you should now be able to back out of the menu and will have the advance suit unlocked.

What’s more is that this simply isn’t just a reskin, as the suit comes packed with all of the original animations that Peter Parker version has. Yep, you are basically playing as the real Spider-Man! This suit works during free-roam and even during the cutscene!

We went ahead and tested it out for ourselves, and the only thing that this suit can’t visually do are acrobatic tricks that Miles can do between his swings and free falls. You can still perform and earn XP for doing them in the advance suit, however visually nothing is rendered on-screen except for the notifications of what trick you perform. Also, for whatever reason, Spider-Man no longer has a chin.

A pretty awesome glitch if you ask us, one that we are hoping doesn’t get fixed in an upcoming update. Spider-Man Miles Morales is now available for the PS4 and PS5.

Watch out for our review of the game hitting the site very soon.