As fans finally get their hands on the newest Spider-Man game by Insomniac Games, PlayStation has released a new video highlighting Photo Mode in Spider-Man: Miles Morales! As Spider-Man PS4 paved the way for taking pictures and customizing them however you wanted to, it’s only fair that the sequel and expansion game gets some upgrades to that amazing feature!

Check out the new video below:

For those wondering what improvements were added in the new Spidey game, here’s what the developers listed on the article over at the PlayStation Blog:

One thing we saw constantly was the way the community used various spots in the city to add lighting enhancements in their shots. When Gil Doron, our UI/UX Lead and Photo Mode Guru, saw these photos, he wanted to make it easier for players to use lighting anywhere, anytime. This led to creation of Light Mode.

You’ll be able to place and control up to three lights and adjust height, distance, color, light intensity, color intensity, spread and softness.

We’re also giving players the power to control the natural light – you can adjust the lighting in the environment, including the sun’s intensity, elevation and rotation. And you can adjust the ambient light as well. One of our favorite tips is to set the ambient light very low and then use the light rigs for amazing contrast.

Beyond all of the amazing tools from the original game, we also have added the exciting ability to change suits directly from the Photo Mode menu, turn hero and enemy visibility on/off, turn the weather on/off, and we have made separate options for near and far depth of field. You’ll also find all new stickers and Photo Mode frames celebrating Miles Morales!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is now out for PS5 and PS4!