With days to go before players return to New York City and go webslinging again, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac Games have released a new  Spider-Man: Miles Morales Be Yourself TV commercial — hyping up the new hero and showing how amazing and action-packed this game is going to be when it launches this month!

Here’s the commercial straight from Marvel’s YouTube page, showing Miles in the middle of a fight and juicing up some beats to inspire him.

Set exactly one year after the events of “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, Miles Morales now puts players in control of Peter Parker’s protégé and fellow webslinger — who exhibits similar Spider powers as his idol, but with a few extra abilities of his own such as venom strike and camouflage. Now patrolling his new home in Harlem as well as supporting his mother’s campaign for a city council position, Miles faces a new threat when a gang war erupts between the Roxxon Energy Corporation and a high-tech organization called Underground. With all the power and responsibility but lacking the experience, Miles must face these threats and use everything he has learned to become a hero and honor the legacies that his father and his mentor have made before him.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will swing to both the PS5 and PS4 this November 12.