It’s been over three years since Sonic the Hedgehog received a new title in “Sonic Mania” back in 2017, and the way cool mascot of SEGA has received little to no updates other than the release and box office success of the live-action Sonic movie in theaters last year. That said, it seems new Sonic announcements are on the way! The video game developer did plan on holding a special event at this year’s SXSW to reveal what was next for the franchise, but unfortunately those plans had to be shelved due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting our everyday life.

SEGA’s official Sonic The Hedgehog YouTube channel has occasional episodes with discussions among the team that give updates on the franchise, and as pointed out by Gamerant — the June episode saw social media manager Katie Chrzanowski address some of the questions fans had in regard to the postponed SXSW event. While she couldn’t be specific on what exactly the nature of the announcements were, she reassured everyone that news would certainly be on the way:

“Fear not, fear not, there will be announcements in the future,” she added in closing, “we’re just making sure that we’re doing it the right way, getting all the right people involved and making it the best we can.” 

It’s worth mentioning that Sonic The Hedgehog will be celebrating his 30th Anniversary next year, so there’s definitely going to be something planned by SEGA for that celebration. Stay tuned for more news as it comes.

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