Rocksteady Studios’ last big game released was way back in 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight, and soon after, the studio has remained silent up to today. A new rumor has surfaced stating that a Rocksteady Superman game was allegedly pitched to partent company Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, so where is it?

Apparently, WB passed on it. This was mentioned by James Sigfield, who covers games for Geeks Worldwide.

Note that the screenshot above is said to be concept art for the cancelled Superman game, but we can’t verify that or Sigfield’s statement. Having said that, multiple rumors have surfaced over the past few years mentioning how Rocksteady was working on a game based on the Man of Steel.  However, we’re at the end of this current console generation and we haven’t heard a peep from Rocksteady at all/

Hopefully, the studio has something to show off soon, I wouldn’t mind playing a new superhero game developed by the studio on next-gen platforms.

Would you want Rocksteady’s next project to be based around Superman or were you hoping another action game starring the Dark Knight? Share your thoughts on that in the comments below.

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