While Capcom has already confirmed that we’ll be hearing more Resident Evil Village (or otherwise known as Resident Evil 8) news this coming August, it seems info is trickling in even now.

ResetEra mod Dusk Golem, who also leaked that Resident Evil 8 will be based on a village and features werewolves, have commented regarding the title’s frame-rate, and how it might have looked shaky during the PS5 games showcase reveal.

For anyone worried about RE8’s frame rate, don’t. The trailer played kinda’ weirdly on the stream, but the game does support PSVR from what I hear so they will be aiming for a stable 60fps.

Given Resident Evil 7 supported PlayStation VR, this isn’t really surprising news. However, the game rocking 60fps (frames per second) is very welcome news, no? If Resident Evil Village PSVR can run at 60fps, well, I gather, that’s how I’ll play it — if I don’t chicken out, that is.

Resident Evil Village is set to launch sometime this 2021 for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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