Following last month’s big rumor info drop for Resident Evil Village, a huge load of rumors have surfaced once again. This time, it talks about the Resident Evil Village early story details, and some weapon upgrade details are mentioned as well.

According to the folks at Biohazard Declassified, the info once again comes from playtesters, and this time, they shared a bunch of info regarding the game’s story — or at least early parts of it.

Before you dive in, I want to warn you that while the info below is not official and should be taken with a big bag of salt, the fact that it mentions specific characters and their fate, and other important story elements, I suggest you read at your own discretion as some might be spoiler-ish for some. Got that ? Good.

The opening of the game according to the source begins with Mia, who’s reading a story to her daughter (named Rose). This is presented in a storybook format, thoughb that’s still a work in progress. After finishing the story, this is the first playable sequence, and the player will control Ethan as he gets to walk around the house — most likely to get the player acclimated with the controls. You’ll see in the house that Ethan, Mia and Rose are all cleared of the E-Virus, though it also mentions Rose weighing in at a hefty 14lbs at birth. It also touches on the fact that Ethan trained with Chris Redfield after the events of Resident Evil 7.

At some point during the house level, which is based in Europe, Mia and Ethan will talk about the events of RE7 though with Mia being very reluctant. This is then when an attack happens, and a window is shattered by a bullet, hitting Mia and dropping her to the floor, but not killing her.

Her attacker? None other tha n Chris Redfield. It states Chris entering the house with two masked henchmen securing the interior of the house, and Chris walks up to Ethan and Mia, and then procees to deliver the “Sorry, Ethan” line we see at the end of the trailer, before Chris finishes Mia off!

If you want to read the rest, head on over here. Note that there are more story beats spoiled, so again, proceed at your own spoiler-iffic peril.

As for the weapons and, the circular area players see under a weapon are for upgrades and path-like layouts that includes weapon stats. There’s also a Photo Mode in the Pause menu, though it’s unsure whether this is for the final game or for testing purposes only.

Again, treat everything with a big bag of salt. But if the early story details are true, Resident Evil fans are in for a treat. Don’t forget, Capcom has confirmed that we’ll be hearing more official Resident Evil Village news this month.

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