Romancelvania: BATchelor’s Curse Kickstarter launch trailer has been released by The Deep End Games, showing off their new video game project that is some parts Metroidvania and other parts… The Bachelor? It’s the side-scrolling action and adventure popularized by the Castlevania games, only with doses of reality TV and romance the likes of which you’ve never seen mixed in.

Check out the launch trailer, where players are introduced to the main vampire playboy lead himself, Drac:

Here’s the official description of the game from Romancelvania’s Kickstarter page:

Romancelvania: BATchelor’s Curse is a visually stunning action RPG that features in-depth weapon and magic based combat, creative and exploration based platforming, and a cast of sexy monsters that you won’t be able to resist.

You play as the legendary playboy vampire himself, Drac, as he slays and lays his way across Transylvania. After being reluctantly recruited by the Grim Reaper to star in a “reality dating show,” he’s on a mission to find the world’s most eligible monsters, get them to move into his party mansion, and restore his former glory by killing everything in his path along the way.

Romancelvania is coming to PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC in late 2021, with a physical version by Limited Run Games also in the works. Check back on our page for more updates as they come.