As we wait in anticipation for Rocksteady’s nextgen game to get announced, the studio continues to grow time looking for a lead animator that can help the team reach success with the critics.

Little is currently known as to what Rocksteady is working on, though rumors suggest it’s a new Batman game, a possible Suicide Squad game and/or a Superman game. The former, however, does seem more unlikely now that we know that Warner Bros Montreal is likely developing the new Batman game with their recent teases. Regardless, the studio in the least does appear to want to continue with producing high-quality titles as a recent job listing points to them wanting to land on the high side of review scores.

The job description reads as:

Rocksteady Studios is looking to add to its family of permanent staff. We are looking for an exceptionally talented Lead Technical Animator who is ready for the challenge of leading a team of Tech Animators towards our next 90+ Metacritic title, on next-generation platforms.

Of course, most if not all studios out there are typically always targeting high when it comes to reviews. It’s still a rather odd inclusion to have in a job description and in the least tells us the studio doesn’t plan on slacking off with their next game, whatever that may be.

We’ll be sure to update you all as more details around their project releases. Hopefully, with the next-gen launch being around the corner, we hear on it sooner rather than later.