PS5 gamers who were looking forward to Sony Interactive Entertainment and Housemarque’s ambitious looking action shooter game Returnal will have to be a bit more patient for the game, as the publisher and developer have made the tough decision to delay the release date of game to the end of April to help polish the game.

Here’s the announcement from PlayStation’s official Twitter page.

Update: Returnal has a new release date of April 30, 2021. SIE and Housemarque have made the decision to move the release date in order to give the team extra time to continue to polish the game to the level of quality players expect from Housemarque. See you in April!

Delayed from its original March 19 release date, Returnal is a third-person roguelike shooter game that puts players in control of Selene — who crash lands on an alien planet and finds herself living through a time loop every time she dies. Here’s the overview from the game’s PlayStation Store page.


After crash-landing on a shape-shifting alien planet, Selene finds herself fighting tooth and nail for survival. Again and again she’s defeated, forced to restart her journey every time she dies.

In this roguelike shooter, both the planet and your equipment change with every cycle, forcing you to adapt your play style and take on evolving challenges.

Engage enemies in bullet hell-fuelled clashes.
Scavenge alien tech for upgrades to your abilities.
Forge a personal connection with the planet and piece together Selene’s story.

If you missed it, check out the trailer spotlighting Returnal’s combat elements and upgradable weapons.

Returnal will now be released on April 30 for the PS5.