This year’s Tokyo Game Show will be happening in the digital landscape in a two-day web broadcast — and Capcom has revealed that they will be bringing “Resident Evil Village” as part of their gaming showcase for the annual event. As nothing about the colorfully titled new entry was shown in this year’s Gamescom, Capcom promises to play catch up and show some “revealing new details” for the tenth mainline installment in the long running Survival Horror franchise.

Officially announced during Sony’s Playstation 5 “Future Of Gaming” virtual event where the brand new PS5 hardware was unveiled, Resident Evil Village (which is “not called” Resident Evil VIII) is a direct sequel to 2017’s “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” — taking place a few years after the events of that game and will once again put players in control of Ethan Winters. The game will once again adopt a first-person perspective play style, and will see Ethan travelling to a mysterious village to find and confront another series veteran who has turned his world upside down for mysterious reasons — Chris Redfield.

You can check out more Resident Evil Village news by checking out our post about Item Management and Puzzle Solving. The game is scheduled to be released for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2021.