With Capcom revealing the next major entry in the Resident Evil franchise with Resident Evil Village, the publisher seems intent to know what gamers think of the reveal and what’s to come, as the a new Resident Evil Village survey has been released.

You can take the survey by clicking here, and it’s a fairly long one where players are asked which franchise entries are their favorites, whether they want a demo for Resident Evil Village, what will make them buy the upcoming horror game, and lots more.

While we won’t likely know the overall results of this Resident Evil Village survey, the fact that Capcom is seeking feedback can only be a good thing.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, go check out the reveal trailer to see what’s coming for Chris and Ethan. Capcom has already said they will be revealing more info about Resident Evil Village this coming August. Even before that, a load of gameplay info has been shared by Capcom devs via the latest Famitsu.

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