If the suspense doesn’t kill you, then possible spoilers you may encounter online for Resident Evil Village will as reports of plot details leaking on message boards and social media platforms have gone up on websites like PC Gamer. This may be related to the recent ransomware attack Capcom experienced a few weeks ago when sensitive data was acquired and put on ransom, but that has yet to be verified by the company themselves.

Before we dive into the story, remember these may be possible SPOILERS for anyone looking forward to the newest entry in the RE franchise, so read at your own risk.

According to the report, it’s likely that a development build of RE Village was one of the things stolen by the hackers — and screenshots and story details have supposedly surface. Images show new enemy types — including what looks like a large Bat winged creature, and a female humanoid enemy that looks very similar in design to one of the posters of Resident Evil 7. Possible connection perhaps?

As far as story and character go, there’s what looks to be a flashback sequence that includes Chris Redfield, as well as two female characters that look like fan favorites from the RE franchise.

If you really want to look at them, here they are below from this Imgur link. Last warning for SPOILERS.

It should be noted again if you’re looking forward to the game, be careful when you search and read anything related to “Resident Evil Village” online.

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Resident Evil Village is scheduled to be released for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC sometime in 2021.