While Capcom has promised gamers more Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) news this August, it seems we’re getting a lot of info already courest of the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu.

Resident Evil Village Producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano talked a bit about Resident Evil 7’s connection to Village, why they chose going first-person again, why choose Village and not “8,” and more. Resident Evil fan and Limited Run Games Business Dev Manager Alex Aniel translated the entire interview which you can read below (via RelyOnHorror).

Q: It’s been 2.5 months since Resident Evil 3 Remake and we’re surprised to see another numbered title announced already. How long has the game been in development?

A: It’s been 3.5 years since we began planning the title.

Q: Chris was in RE7; what’s he been up to since then? What’s his relationship w/ Ethan&Mia?

A: It’s not strange to think they formed a new relationship after RE7 based on their shared experience. We hope we gave players that impression! But we may defy your expectations (laugh).

Q: The “VIII” appears in the VILLAGE logo. Why didn’t you call it Resident Evil 8?

A: You can say the VILLAGE is another protagonist in the game. We want players to clearly understand that.

Q: The trailer says “His story comes to a close.” Who is that referring to?

A: We’ll let you decide. But know that [Resident Evil 8] is the sequel to Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, and serves as the conclusion to its story.

Q: RE7‘s Ethan is the protagonist. There’s an option in RE7 that changes the story. Which does [Resident Evil 8] follow?

A: Look closely at the trailer; you can see the connections between Ethan’s current situation and what happened in RE7. If you haven’t played RE7, please do so!

Q: We’re curious about Chris this time. He had PTSD in RE6. Now he seems to have lost his reputation as an experienced solder again. What can you tell us?

A:. Many feel Chris in the trailer shows he’s lost his status as hero. Many have guessed why; look forward to the game.

Q: As the title suggests, the village is the setting. What’s the extent of it? What country is this in?

A: We can’t answer to what extent, but all we can say is the setting is somewhere in Europe.

Q: [Resident Evil 8] uses [a First-Person] view. Were fans highly responsive to RE7? What has changed?

A: Both FPS & [Over the Shoulder] have merits, but we think FPS allows for a deeper immersive experience. We can’t comment on changes from RE7, but we can say FPS has greatly evolved in [Resident Evil 8].

Q: You showed the inventory screen in the Special Developer Message. Looks like RE4‘s attache case! (I filled it with eggs back in the day). We’re looking forward to item management!

A: Can’t go into detail but inventory management is very important! Please look forward to it.

Q: In the trailer, one creature looks like a werewolf. It felt terrifying in a way I never felt before. Were they human? They seem different from zombies & Ganados.

A:. It’s an enemy. They will face off against the protagonists. Can’t comment about their background.

Q: This RE is for PS5 & Xbox Series X. What has next-gen hardware allowed you to achieve?

A: We’ve upgraded the graphics and sound. Also, the fact that loading times can’t be perceived is an important point. All in all, next-gen consoles allow for more immersive experiences.

Q: There’s a screen w/ a door that looks like a puzzle. We’re intrigued; are solving mysteries an indispensable part of RE?

A: On top of fear, combat & item management, exploration is a must in RE. Solving puzzles is definitely in; it expands the breadth of the gameplay.

In other Resident Evil Village news, a rumor has surfaced that the game will be PSVR compatible, and will run at 60fps (frames-per-second).

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