Looks like Resident Evil fans have something promising to look forward to, as the official Instagram of the Applied Arts FX Studio has posted an image of a T-Shirt depicting artwork of the zombie that will appear in the upcoming Resident Evil Movie Reboot.

Here’s the image of the zombie crew shirt, which is in black and white and sets the expectations high for this film.

If the image of the zombie looks familiar to Resident Evil fans it should — it looks exactly like the first zombie from the original Resident Evil and its Remake, as seen here.

Accompanying the post was this message from the aafx studio team — announcing they had wrapped shooting for the year.

That’s a wrap on Resident Evil, and what a fun crew shirt the production handed out to everyone. A tough shoot, almost entirely on location, during Covid times, with a short prep timeline, and generally about 17-18 hour days on set for our team, but we managed to pull together some cool work. Huge thanks to the entire team who contributed. @damalto @neilmorrill451 @nomad11 @michaelalucard @hunter_fx @the_whitneyb @markwotton as well as Kayla Dobilas, Kyra Hope, Corinne de Berry @adrianmakesfaces @malloryreeveswigs @biancaappicemakeup @kelly.spfx @cfrostwicks @christianurdapilleta Allan Cooke, @emmaleeartistry Katherina Illescas, Paul Hopkins @pauljonesfx @alexandraangermufx @monica__pavez @sarah.blostein @allvisualfx @lukariot Sorry if I missed anyone. Also, many thanks to the Makeup Department who we often worked hand in hand with. @sweeneydewdew @stephpring.fx @josephhindsmakeup Also, one more shout out to @fourthsealstudios for help with some last minute custom eyes. You guys rock!! More next year when permitted… now, vacation. Happy Holidays everyone. #thatsawrap #spfxmakeup #prostheticmakeup #zombie.

We can expect more news to trickle in for the RE Movie Reboot come next year. Be sure to read our previous features on it here.

The Resident Evil Movie Reboot is scheduled to be released on September 9, 2021.