Looks like Resident Evil fans who have been waiting for updates for the upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot have gotten a big one in the form of a very familiar location to fans of the first game, as set photos of the Spencer Mansion have gone up online — with filming taking place at the Scottish Rite Club at Ontario in Canada.

Here’s photos of the set posted by the folks at Residence of Evil, which you check out below.

For those not familiar with the Spencer Mansion — it is the iconic location where the Umbrella Corporation conducted its experiments on a hidden underground laboratory to develop the T-Virus in the games. The mansion was commissioned and named after Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer, and was built in the 1960’s by architect George Trevor, and would remain an isolated bedground for Umbrella’s research on the T-Virus for many years until an accident caused the entire estate and its inhabitants to be infected with the virus. The primary setting of the first Resident Evil and its Remake take place in the Spencer Mansion, with Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and the other surviving S.T.A.R.S members facing numerous zombies and biological monsters inside that came to be known as “The Mansion Incident”.

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The Resident Evil movie reboot is scheduled to be released some time in 2021.