One of the most well known Japanese video game directors is ready to wrap up a long and fruitful career, as legendary Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami discussed his legacy and wanting to make one more game before he finally retires from the industry altogether.

Speaking with Variety who did a feature on the man and his career, Mikami has gone on record to state that the last game he wants to make is something that is completely his own from start to finish.

“My thinking is that if I had a chance to make a game from the beginning to end that’s completely my vision, then definitely, that would be my big last project as a director”.

As a man who got his start as a junior game designer for Capcom exactly 30 years ago, Mikami would first work on Disney-licensed games for the company such as Aladdin and Goof Troop for the SNES, before being tapped by Sweet Home director Tokuro Fujiwara to create a horror game for the Sony PlayStation called “Biohazard”, which would be known as “Resident Evil” to western audiences. The game became a critical and financial success for Capcom, and would birth the Survival Horror genre which would see Mikami working with the series all the way to directing a Remake of the first game as well as the Leon S. Kennedy starring sequel, Resident Evil 4.  Mikami would eventually depart from Capcom, working with PlatinumGames to release the action game Vanquish before he founded his own studio in 2010 called Tango Gameworks — Which would go on to make its own survival horror game series in The Evil Within.

While Mikami has long moved forward from the Resident Evil games, he has commended Capcom for their success and bringing the series back — with a remake of RE4 in the cards as well.

“They have a good formula of taking the IP and using it in a routine way to create revenue,” he acknowledges, “and that’s a very good way for increasing business.”

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Mikami’s next game to be released is called “Ghostwire: Tokyo”, which is slated to be released for the PS5 and PC some time next year.