Ever wonder what Dr. Light and Dr. Wily would look like if they were, well, more real? Well, Capcom has done just that as there is a Resident Evil 3 Megaman Easter Egg within the recently released demo along with a few others.

In the subway section at the very start of the Demo, there is a collection of movie posters hung on the wall. If you pay close attention to these, you may have noticed that there are quite of few of them paying homage to classic films and video games.

Note we had to turn the brightness up for some of these screenshots as the area was poorly lit.

Top Gun

Obviously the movie posters are identical and the actor’s names are parodies. The movie title could be in reference to Ace Combat.

Terminator and Alien Franchise

Terminator one is obvious, though the Alien one may go over a lot of people’s heads. It’s obviously some sort of suit, but the shape of the body strikes a resemblance to the Xenomorph. The clear dome and being able to see the skull is one of the many iconic features of the Xenomorph. Apparently, in the Resident Evil world, they share the same movieverse.


I could be wrong on this one, but that cover reminds me of Halloween’s poster. We aren’t sure about the Disaster poster, not the ones below, so if you know what they’re referencing leave a comment!

Monster Hunters

Looks like instead of being a hack and slash RPG, Monster Hunters is instead a shooter.

Megaman’s Dr. Wily and Dr. Light

There is actually another Resident Evil 3 Megaman Easter Egg in the demo that even more so pays tribute to the American version of Megaman 1 Box Art. Shortly after leaving the subway, you’ll find yourself standing across from a toystore. If you look at the window, there is actually a poster of a Megaman Action figure, and inside the toy store, itself are helmets and a giant figure of the blue bomber.

These were just some of the ones that stood out to me, I’m sure the demo has plenty of other Easter Eggs hidden in it. Have you found any that you thought were cool? Let us know down below!