If you played this year’s Resident Evil 3 Remake, chances are you’re already familiar with Nicole Tompkins — the American actress who lent her voice and did motion capture to bring Jill Valentine to life. Nicole is also an avid YouTuber and creator, and has a channel dedicated to her streams, interviews, and videos that fans can check out.

In one of her latest video game plays, Nicole takes on the remake of the original Resident Evil — the one that started it all and the first adventure featuring her character Jill, who was voiced by Heidi Anderson in that game.

In her first play through ever of the game that runs over two hours, Nicole guides her RE1 Remake counterpart during the Mansion Incident, with fixed camera angles, more puzzles to solve, and the true Survival Horror experience than what was featured in the 2020 remake of the third Resident Evil game —  a more action-oriented storyline that saw Jill Valentine trying to escape a zombie infested Raccoon City while evading the relentless pursuit of a hulking bio-weapon monster known as Nemesis.

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