Fans of Resident Evil who were looking to take the newest release of the series on the go may just get their wishes granted, as new thread in Resetera has found evidence that a “Resident Evil 3: Cloud Version” may be on its way to the Switch — bringing the remake of the 1999 PS1 survival horror game to Nintendo’s console hybrid console.

Here’s  an image of the cloud based edition of the game, which was released early this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

First suggested by industry analyst Daniel Ahmed on Twitter last March when leftover files from the RE3 Demo were found and hinted at a Switch release, a cloud version of RE3 won’t be the first time the series gets ported to Nintendo’s portable system. Resident Evil 7 got a cloud version release in Japan only titled “Biohazard 7: Resident Evil Cloud Version” on May 2018. It allowed players to play 15 minutes of the game for free, and after which players could purchase a pass that allowed them to play through the entire thing with an unlimited amount of time for 180 days. That may be the same structure for RE3 cloud version if and when it gets released, and it will definitely need a good internet connection to play it smoothly on the Switch.

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