It’s been quite some time since Ubisoft has released a full-fledged Prince of Persia title. While nothing has been announced just yet, it seems the publisher might be prepping for one, as a new Prince of Persia Twitter account has just been created.

Over on Reddit, user NayamAmarshe tried looking for a Prince of Persia Twitter account and found this one that was created back in May 2020. While anyone could have created that and locked it, the redditor used the “Forgot Password” feature of Twitter using the same username and this is what greeted him as the recovery email:

The “pr******************@u******.***” starred letters fit perfectly with “ubisoft.com” which means that someone at Ubisoft created it last month. The user also adds this:

You can use this website https://www.verifyemailaddress.org/ to check if your email guesses are correct. Those 6 letters aren’t remake, rewind, dagger, island, dahaka or social. I’ve tried many but no luck.

Also, @anno_en is official account of Anno and it too has a ubisoft.com email. The email is [email protected]. Same with @RaymanGame, @Rainbow6Game. All of these have a u******.*** email which obviously is ubisoft.com since these are official accounts.

I don’t think someone would buy a 7 letter domain that starts with u and then use it to create a PoP account just to lock it later and not use it. If this was going to be used for a fake rumor, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have thought about the ‘forgot password’ recovery thing. The only way to absolutely verify if this twitter account is real (if you still aren’t convinced) is by finding those 6 letters and verifying if that email actually exists on Ubisoft.com domain or not. You can use a GitHub repository called mailchecker to bruteforce every single combination of letters and numbers but that’ll take a few days. I’m already doing something similar so, I’ll update this thread when I have something to show.

Bear in mind that there is a chance this is someone with too much time on their hands and just trolling people. That said, we’ve reached out to Ubisoft and will update the post if we get a response.

Do you think this is a precursor for a Prince of Persia announcement or just a prank? Don’t forget, Ubisoft has an event planned for July 12, so that could be part of the announcements made.

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