While EA or BioWare has never alluded to or announced a Mass Effect trilogy remaster, rumors about it are seemingly always around, especially since retailers seem to have already listed the game in their systems. It seems this trilogy remaster will be called the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and will feature huge improvements instead of just being a straight up remaster.

Veteran video game journalist Jeff Grubb has shared more info about the remastered trilogy, with the main one that it’s now set for release in early 2021 as opposed to its original release of October this year. According to Grubb, the main hold up here is Mass Effect 1, as it’s just not living up to ME2 and ME3 both in terms of visuals and gameplay. Add in the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, and well, it’s easy to see why this thing is being delayed.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will supposedly contain all single-player DLC, but will not feature multiplayer of any kind. This remaster is being handled by BioWare themselves and is not being outsourced, which is definitely good news.

Obviously, given the trilogy has never been confirmed, treat this with a grain of salt. But if I was a  betting man, I’d place my money on Grubb being right here. If this proves fruitful for EA, they can then move on to a new Mass Effect game and forget about Andromeda.

As a huge Mass Effect fan, I’m hoping we get confirmation of this beast before the year is out.

Source: VentureBeat

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