A recent email sent out by Square Enix may have just confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will be rated M. The email, which was sent from the European press branch of Square Enix, highlights the Final Fantasy 16 reveal trailer and towards the bottom of it, features an official PEGI rating, with is 18 (or M in the states).

Final fantasy XVI rating

To our knowledge, this would make Final Fantasy 16 the first mainline Final Fantasy game to feature a +18 rating. Note, we said mainline as Final Fantasy Type-0, a spinoff, actually was the first in the series to ever get a M rating. Earlier this year we also saw the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which was rated T although at one point it had almost hit being a M rating until the team decided to tone down the massage scene, least according to a interview in Famitsu.

Now of course this could simply be a mistake on Square Enix part considering the North American newsletter still shows “RP” for rating pending. We’ve reached out to Square Enix for any kind of comment on the matter and will update if we hear back from them. This would certainly be an big  change up for Final Fantasy if it does indeed hit the M rating, though we hope it’s done so for the sake of telling a darker story, rather than just for shock value.

Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled to release as a console exclusive for the PS5. No release date has been given for the title.