If you liked what you saw of yesterday’s Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart gameplay demonstration, then you’re in for some better news. It seems Rift Apart will feature two performance modes depending on what the player wants! It can focus on resolution or frame rate.

This was revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, where Insomniac Games devs Marcus Smith and Mike Daly confirmed this bit of news that gamers can choose the game to run at 4K resolution and 30fps (frames-per-second), or 60fps!

Here’s the magazine quote and translation from ResetEra:

–I understand. Also, what frame rates and resolutions are supported?

Increasing the beauty of the microphone image reduces the frame rate, which is a difficult balance to achieve in any game. In this game, we’ve focused on balancing the comfort of the action with beautiful graphics while allowing players to choose between two different resolutions and frame rates. One is a 4K resolution at 30FPS, and the other is a lower resolution at 60FPS. We’re planning to offer either of these two options.

Ishitate-I’d like to add that in Ratchet & Clank, starting in the latter half of the PS3 era, we’ve chosen to ditch the 60FPS of the PS2 era for 30FPS in order to make the graphics more beautiful, and the actual gameplay has been made at 30FPS. This time around, players can choose whether to go the 60FPS route of the PS2 era or the high resolution & 30FPS route of the PS3 and beyond.

Over on Twitter, Insomniac Games themselves confirmed this via the studio’s official Twitter!

While some might be hoping that the PS5 would be powerful enough to run 60fps at 4K resolution, at the very least, players have the option.

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