Revealed a few weeks ago, TeamKill Media’s Quantum Error is cosmic horror first-person shooter that seems to be offering a fair amount of game time when it launches. According to the devs, the Quantum Error game length is at 15-20 hours long, though that’s not set in stone just yet.

This was revealed in an inteview with TeamKill Media’s Dakoda Jones and Micah Jones, who also revealed that they are developing the Quantum Error with the PS5 as the lead platform. From what was shared, Quantum Error will be developed for the PS5 first, and once it’s optimized for the upcoming next-gen platform, that’s when the optimization for the PS4 will begin.

At the moment our focus is primarily on the PS5, so at first everything is going to be calibrated for that platform and we won’t do most of the optimizing for the PS4 until we are close to being finished.

For a horror first-person shooter, 15-20 hours of gamplay isn’t a bad number. Of course, we don’t know how linear or open the game is so we can’t gauge just yet.

Quantum Error is set for release sometime this year on the PS5 and PS4.

Source: GamingBolt

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