It seems Sony is having issues with the PlayStation Network (PSN) as PSN offline reports are coming in from multiple locations, though mostly from the East Coast. Over on the PS4 subreddit, multiple people have reported issues signing in with PlayStation error code NP-39225-1 showing up for most.

Currently, the AskPlayStation Twitter account has not acknowledged it just yet, and while the official Sony Network Service Status page says “all services are up and running,” the DownDetector site has people collaborating saying that there are connection and sign-in issues. Most cases are coming from the East coast of the United States, which may explain why we are still able to play online.

Error code NP-39225-1 from PS4

The PSN is currently down for most of the people it seems. Just relax and wait for it to come back on. from PS4

PS4 Error Code NP-39225-1 from PS4

I’ve gotten this error code when trying to search for parties I can join, I’ve checked the website and it shows that servers aren’t down. I’ve tested my internet connection multiple times, and I’ve even restarted my PS4. Nothing has changed, what do I?

Anything you might need to know:

My PS4 was on rest mode before turning it on

At the time of typing this, I’m the only person that’s using WiFi

I’m the only one experiencing this problem, my friends aren’t having any issues

Because of the limitation on how often people can comment in this subreddit (silly), it’s easier to just make a post so others can hopefully see it. The PSN is currently down there’s no point in trying anything at this point. Resetting the system is not going to do anything. Don’t change your password for this reason either unless you just want to for your own personal reason.

This happened a couple of months ago in February. Apparently something just hit the network and is knocked down

Edit: feel free to continue downloading this so no one else sees it. This is purely just to get awareness so people can understand what the situation is.

Okay, so I was playing some warzone, got offline to eat. A friend who I’m game sharing with wanted to download modern warfare which I have purchased. after he did that I tried to hop back on, and now my system is not letting me create parties, join parties, it shows me offline, is very slow to do any process on the system, and keeps giving the error code np-39225-1.

I’ve tried more solutions than i can could but nothing seems to work. i’ve power cycled my router, i’ve logged out, restarted my ps4, logged back in. I’ve had a friend log in again and tried logging back in, I’ve had him send a message, he also deleted my account, I’ve gone in safe mode and actually downloaded an update I was missing, I restarted the system, tried the login and out step again and still nothing.

I’m just trying to entertain myself during this quarantine but now I can’t even do that :/, pls help

As for error code NP-39225-1, there’s no known fix for it since it seems to be a server (PlayStation) issue. Same as always, we’ll keep an eye out on the situation and will update the post once there’s an update or two. experiencing any issues,

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