With the PS5 specs now officially revealed, we now know exactly how well they fair against the Xbox series X specs.

You can find the official PS5 Specs down below along with the comparison chart between the Xbox Series X.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs comparison:

As you can see, the two next-gen consoles are quite similar in a lot of ways, though the Xbox Series X has the edge on power — at least on paper. Having said that, how games look and feel (and play) will depend a lot on the people behind them, and that’s where Sony might have an edge. For a deeper dive into the technicalities, head on over to Digital Foundry.

Again, on paper, it does seem that the Series X has the hardware advantage, though Sony’s PlayStation 5 will offer a few surprises, one being the extremely fast loading SSD that nearly doubled to that of the Series X’s SSD. This will translate to faster loads of assets, though we have yet to see an official demo released from Sony to know exactly how much faster. Chances are this will also translate to other areas of the console, offering more efficiency for the lower specs it has. Hopefully, we hear more about both consoles in the coming month. We know Microsoft will be hosting a digital event this June to replace the now-canceled E3 event.

Which next-gen console are you picking to win this next-gen console war? And more importantly, which console are you getting first? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below. Stay tuned for our upcoming features regarding both consoles and next-gen gaming in general.